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A Little Bout A Lotta Things 


My blogs to date have covered a variety of topics.  This shall continue to be my style as I am a multi dimensional person as are my readers.

img_4228My third published book is entitled ‘My heart is broken. A journey of loss, hope and grief.’ Many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one. Understanding and accepting our common experience I will share the introduction of my book laying the groundwork for the writings that will follow.

Dear fellow sojourner,

I understand that I do not have the market on grief due to the loss of a loved one. After futile attempts to cope with my sorrow I started putting my feelings on paper making my grief visible. It allowed me to bear my pain, my broken heart and a soul that is often times empty.

On this journey, we have the right to grieve, to cry, to sob and to grow from the choices we make each day. If you are on a similar journey I invite you to walk with me. Hopefully, as we mourn our loss and feel the pain, our brokenness will be mended.

Together we may feel less alone.

Respectfully yours,

Joyce Knock



Just what I needed!

 Spent a very FUN day at the “Reading Between The Vines” author event at the Snus  Winery yesterday.    The rural setting was so calming and peaceful to me and it reminded me of “growing up” on an Iowa farm! 

 Of the 25 authors present I had met only a handful prior to the event.  Such fun exchanges meeting so many statewide authors!! Had a successful selling day, conversing with other authors and visitors to the winery and book event….and enjoyed some wine…”Catnip”..was  my favorite! 

Driving home from the winery area I deliberately choose a relaxing and peaceful route through the countryside.  It was the best therapy for me!! I was  so calm and relaxed!! My return journey home seemed to reconnect me with my rural Iowa was calming and also exhilarating!  And it was so MOTIVATING!! How?? I set as my goal to “finish” a work in progress….my 3rd children’s book entitled “My goldfish died.  I am so sad!” which addresses the issue of loss, sadness and grief. It is time to finish it!!! I can do it!!

Grateful  for such a wonderful day!     ###

I was a bit naive!

Did it really take me 10 years to get my  book pubished?   After writing “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!”  I had numerous opportunites to read  it to  classes at Clive Elementary School.    Encouraged by the positive reception from 1st graders I decided to reach out to publishing companies to determine which of them would want to publish my book.  A bit naive….you think?

After what I thought was sufficient research and planning I penned several letters to noted publishing houses providing them with the necessary information about my book.  Patiently I waited for what I thought would be their most certain positive responses.    Quickly I begin  to realize that these publishing houses were NOT as impressed with my book as I was.  In the following months  I received numerous kindly written rejection letters, the “dear johns of the writing world” and heard NOTHING from many others.  Slowly I came to the realization and acceptance that my book was probably not going to rise beyond its primitive “unpublished form.”  Reluctantly accepting the reality of my book’s unpromising future the book  was tossed into a drawer.   On occasion, when tidying up my work space,  I would read it again  and fantasize about the book’s future.                              ###




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