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What are your future dreams and goals?

My future dreams and goals are:

  • Secure funding to read and donate my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!  to another 2000+ Des Moines area elementary students.
  • Finish writing/publishing a children’s book on grief/ loss.
  • Grant a minimum of 16 Levi Knock “pay it forward” Foundation scholarships in the Arts and Sciences to students at 5 elementary/middle school/juniors students.
  • Secure permission to create a poetry/journaling/short story group for the women at the Iowa Prison for Women at Mitchellville.
  • Read and donate books at Orchard Place in Des Moines.
  • Continue to be involved in groups and support issues that benefit children.

Please share a future dream/goal.  ###

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What are your goals and dreams for the future?

I know I am NOT alone on my “journey of grief.”

I am so grateful to ALL who have traveled with me on my “journey of grief and pain.”  This time of the year is particularly difficult for me.  And although it approaches  the two year mark at times it seems like this journey started just yesterday.  ###

Oh give me strength!

Whenever I feel sad and weary I remind myself just WHO is “in charge” of my life.  I am!!! ###

Oh to wonder what might have been!


Today Levi would have started his senior year at Valley High School.  I wonder…

Would he still be pursuing his interest in Marine Biology?

Where would his talents on the violin and piano have taken him?

How many nights would he have spent watching the moon and stars with his telescope?

What I don’t wonder is that I miss him every day..his smile, his questions, his very presence in my life!!  ###

If you love what you do it will show!!!

imageHave a great year TEACHERS!!! Our children are counting on you!!! Today’s students are the   “face of our future!”  They need YOU!! ###

Fun being a storyteller! And.. my mom.. my role model!!

My mother’s philosophy about life was what I called her “l f t’s.image”  It was her “look forward to’s.”  It didn’t have to be something big…usually something quite simple and when she was confined to a wheelchair it might be to take a ride in my car and stop at McDonald’s for a burger and fries! Or to stop at Goodwell and find some small knicknack to adorn her room at the Iowa Jewish Life Center!

She was never old…always dreaming another dream!!

Her wants in life were simple but she enjoyed and embraced life with joy and acceptance!  She will ALWAYS be my role model!!! ###

Cultivating corn!

imageIncluded in my “growing up in Iowa” story will be my summer of cultivating corn for $1 hour on my father’s farm!!  Remember this was the 50s…no AC on the tractor…just an umbrella for shade on those HOT summer days!  ###

1st job!

Pesky little rodents!!

My “growing up in Iowa” story to be told at the Iowa State Fair will include trapping gophers as a money making venture.  Especially if you are only 10 years old!  ###




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