Vacation at home?  I decided it just might be great idea. Why not?   I find it difficult not to be busy doing something  when I am at home.  An inner voice is ALWAYS speaking to me telling me I MUST be doing something…..organizing and cleaning a closet, tending my numerous flowers that ALWAYS need some attention,  marketing my published books etc. etc.      Watching t.v. is not my thing….oh my gosh I would have to still in one place for who knows for how long.  I can probably get in my wanted 10,000 steps a day by just scurrying around the house or in the yard.  I am determined to tell tell myself please slow down and RELAX… are ‘on vacation.!

Last Friday I was reviewing   my weekly calendar  and  decided to make a  plan.    I did NOT have anything on my schedule for the next 5 days…no working with my mentee at the Drake Adult Literaccy program, no scheduled visit to  volunteer in the prison, no book that NEEDS to be edited, no meeting with the Iowans That Support Women Prisioners, no scheduled bridge at the Bridge House, no book signings, no TRIBE poetry meeting, no Grandview football game to see our nephew play and no scheduled library or school  visits to read one of my children’s books.

I decided to give myself permission to take the next six days off and have a mini vacation at home.  WOW!

Other than that I AM ON VACATION.  So far so good….for example today it is my 2nd day and I am still in my jammies…I have had breakfast…which I picked up at Mickey D’s   with  a mocha frappe, a current addiction, my bed is NOT made as it is waiting for me to return and relax and maybe nap.  I do not plan on going  anywhere today…..oh, excuse me  maybe to the nearby Dairy Queen for a blizzard as they are on sale this week.   I will be  enjoying the peace and content  of NO scheduled events and the liberty to stay home and or stay in bed as long as I want… isn’t that what I would be doing if I went on a vacation….that is no doubt what I would give myself permission to do …. so why not at home?

Technically I am ‘out to lunch’, off duty, relaxing, hanging out!  Now I am wondering just how long that is going to last…but I will give it  my best shot.   ###