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December 2016

A painful book to write!

Over the past months I have been writing my 3rd book.  It has been a difficult book to write and yet oftentimes very comforting.  I am sharing the cover and first page of my book and I am inviting you to review it and make comments! 

My heartbroken-heart is broken.

A journey of loss, grief and hope.

Respectfully yours!

I respectfully understand that I do not have the market on grief due to the loss of a loved one.  However, putting my journey on paper has allowed me to bear my pain, my broken heart and a soul that is oftentimes empty.

If you are on a similar journey I invite you to walk with me.  Together we may feel less alone.

On your journey accept your  need and right to grieve, to cry – to sob!

I encourage you to experience your loss and sadness as you learn to grow from the choice you make on your journey.

Let’s walk together.

My phone rings and a young woman asks for Levi!



I answered my phone today and a young woman’s voice says “may I speak to Levi?” It took me by such surprise that several seconds passed before I asked “why do you want to speak to him?”  She replied, “I am calling from Iowa State University and was wondering if was still interested in enrolling here.”  Again I caught my breath and replied “Levi died.”  SILENCE!  Then she replied, “Oh I am so sorry!”

That call triggered so many memories.  Many summers when Levi attended camps in the College of Engineering which he so enjoyed.

Now!  No college!  Just memories! 💔 ###


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