Outside my window the sparrows often feed at my birdfeeder. I have been known to wish that they would dine elsewhere so that my more colorful bird friends….the cardinals, the finches, the blue jays and the woodpeckers wouldn’t have to jockey for room at the feeder.  

However, there is much about the sparrow that I have often overlooked.  Qualities that I hope to embody during my life’s journey. 

  • Although small it is persistent and reminds us we don’t have to be big to make a difference.
  • Each of us has energy and passion in our hearts awaiting discovery.
  • Sparrows are actually songbirds [yes really] and all of us can share the music in our soul just as they do. 
  • Sparrows are symbolic for their friendliness, simplicity, and creativity….valuable qualities!!

On second thought they can dine at my feeder whenever they are hungry!  ###