I spent a lot of time by myself growing up on an Iowa farm.  I spent hours:

  • Practicing basketball by “shooting hoops” at the hoop attached to the outside of the barn.
  • Playing catch by throwing the softball onto the roof of the house…and catching it when it rolled down.
  • Digging in the dirt behind the chicken house building roads with my toy tractor and wagon.
  • Pretending I was “running a business” using all the free handouts collected at the Cattle Congess in Waterloo.
  • Playing in my “corn crib playhouse.”
  • Riding my pony and playing Cowboys..even mapping out a ranch with rocks and sticks.
  • Pretending I was a sailor while sitting in a wooden boat that someone gave to my father.

Spending time by myself as a child prepared me to feel secure and okay with “spending time by myself” as an adult.

What do I like MOST about “spending time alone?”  the QUIETNESS!  ###