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September 2016

Some days don’t start out so good!! 

This is ME today!!  However I got up, dressed up, am now ready to show up for life and definitely will NEVER give up!!  

Amazing what a simple thing like a shower can do for me…a refreshing attitude adjuster!!    ###

Sometimes I pretend!



Why do I often pretend to be happy? When I definitely am not.  Probably to avoid other’s questions which would put me on the spot.

PRETENDING  makes it easy so others think I am all okay.  And I am….a lot of the time …depending on the day.

PRETENDING  means I don’t have to answer prying questions.  Or have others look at me in their sad and sympathetic way.

i don’t want other’s sympathy.  As I know they often don’t know what to say.  So…I pretend everything is ok….and it is sometime  each and every day!  ###


Is it wrong to pretend?

Just what I needed!

 Spent a very FUN day at the “Reading Between The Vines” author event at the Snus  Winery yesterday.    The rural setting was so calming and peaceful to me and it reminded me of “growing up” on an Iowa farm! 

 Of the 25 authors present I had met only a handful prior to the event.  Such fun exchanges meeting so many statewide authors!! Had a successful selling day, conversing with other authors and visitors to the winery and book event….and enjoyed some wine…”Catnip”..was  my favorite! 

Driving home from the winery area I deliberately choose a relaxing and peaceful route through the countryside.  It was the best therapy for me!! I was  so calm and relaxed!! My return journey home seemed to reconnect me with my rural Iowa was calming and also exhilarating!  And it was so MOTIVATING!! How?? I set as my goal to “finish” a work in progress….my 3rd children’s book entitled “My goldfish died.  I am so sad!” which addresses the issue of loss, sadness and grief. It is time to finish it!!! I can do it!!

Grateful  for such a wonderful day!     ###

Why not be  like the sparrow?

Outside my window the sparrows often feed at my birdfeeder. I have been known to wish that they would dine elsewhere so that my more colorful bird friends….the cardinals, the finches, the blue jays and the woodpeckers wouldn’t have to jockey for room at the feeder.  

However, there is much about the sparrow that I have often overlooked.  Qualities that I hope to embody during my life’s journey. 

  • Although small it is persistent and reminds us we don’t have to be big to make a difference.
  • Each of us has energy and passion in our hearts awaiting discovery.
  • Sparrows are actually songbirds [yes really] and all of us can share the music in our soul just as they do. 
  • Sparrows are symbolic for their friendliness, simplicity, and creativity….valuable qualities!!

On second thought they can dine at my feeder whenever they are hungry!  ###

Alone…but not lonely!

I spent a lot of time by myself growing up on an Iowa farm.  I spent hours:

  • Practicing basketball by “shooting hoops” at the hoop attached to the outside of the barn.
  • Playing catch by throwing the softball onto the roof of the house…and catching it when it rolled down.
  • Digging in the dirt behind the chicken house building roads with my toy tractor and wagon.
  • Pretending I was “running a business” using all the free handouts collected at the Cattle Congess in Waterloo.
  • Playing in my “corn crib playhouse.”
  • Riding my pony and playing Cowboys..even mapping out a ranch with rocks and sticks.
  • Pretending I was a sailor while sitting in a wooden boat that someone gave to my father.

Spending time by myself as a child prepared me to feel secure and okay with “spending time by myself” as an adult.

What do I like MOST about “spending time alone?”  the QUIETNESS!  ###


What are your future dreams and goals?

My future dreams and goals are:

  • Secure funding to read and donate my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!  to another 2000+ Des Moines area elementary students.
  • Finish writing/publishing a children’s book on grief/ loss.
  • Grant a minimum of 16 Levi Knock “pay it forward” Foundation scholarships in the Arts and Sciences to students at 5 elementary/middle school/juniors students.
  • Secure permission to create a poetry/journaling/short story group for the women at the Iowa Prison for Women at Mitchellville.
  • Read and donate books at Orchard Place in Des Moines.
  • Continue to be involved in groups and support issues that benefit children.

Please share a future dream/goal.  ###

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