TODAY I rewrote the information in my “blogger info.”  I will share it again here as it redefines who I am at this time in my life:

Joyce Knock – Retired educator & sometimes tired “newbie author”, community volunteer, duplicate bridge & tennis player, grandmother ?, flower gardener, neighbor, wife, mother, “amateur poet”, friend and a  “recovering griever!”

When I started this blog my focus seemed to be about being a “newbie author” and the book that I had written & recently published.  As time went by over the last 1-1/2 years+ I begin to realize that I had changed [for better or worse] and I needed to give it new direction.  September 21, 2014 forever changed my life and me with it….and it has been at times a  painful period of the acceptance of loss and struggles with new beginnings.

With that being said I start “my blogging” a new.  At times it may be  “all over the place”….maybe a reflection of who I am some days.  I encourage you, the reader, to make comments or whatever else you want to share.

As a sign off I have a question for you.  Levi was my only grandchild and I will NEVER have  other grandchildren.  If I were to loss my husband I would be a widow….is there a name for a woman who has lost her only grandchild?  P.S. I just loved it when he called me “gram.”  ###