Foundation IconThe FOUNDATION will soon award it’s very first scholarships!  How exciting!  A sampling of scholarships includes:

  • $$$ for 5th grade students to attend a two week   orchestra or band summer camp at either North or Roosevelt High School. $100 for a two week camp.
  • $$ for 14 year old student and his family to have a 1 year membership to the Science Center and the Blank Park Zoo. $189 for a year’s membership.
  • $$$ for a 13 to take summer camp classes on the bass. Less than $100.

The FOUNDATION is funded by donations and ALL profits from the sale of my 2 books.  100% of each donation goes directly to a student!!!  

Most of the above scholarships are for $100 or less.  The FOUNDATION is excited and grateful  that it is able to provide opportunities for kids that need just a “little bit of help!”

 When KIDS win we all WIN!