Cartoon Importance of Reading

What a true statement!

 My current student that I am working with at the Drake Literacy Center is 76 years old.  He is retired after 30 years with the same Des Moines company.  His reason for coming to the center is to be able to read his Bible better.  He is such an eager learner!  Today I shared with  him my book “I am kinda shy and quiet.  Is something wrong with me?”  and asked him to read it.  He did a great job of reading  and only needed help with a few words!!  I gave him a copy and told him to take it home and read it to his wife.  He happily accepted my book and my suggestion to read the book to his wife.  At our next meeting I am looking forward to  finding out how his book reading when at home!

MOST of us [myself included] have NO idea how we learned to read….however, we did and it certainly [no doubt] has made a big difference in each of our lives!!

Our lives have been easier!!