One of the BEST therapies for me after a somewhat restless night is to read my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!” to some kids!  Today was one of those mornings. I struggled to shower and dress to go read my book at 9:00 am at a Des Moines Elementary School.  However, I got myself together and went to fulfill a commitment I had made to read.  The moment I arrived at the school my entire demeanor changed…..I was excited to be there and ready to read and share my book with a 2nd grade class.  For 30 minutes I was having so much fun and I was so enjoying the exchanges and interactions with a delightful group of smart, respectful and engaging kids.  That 30 minutes was the BEST therapy I could ever have!  The lesson is one that I continue to learn again and again…for which I am grateful!  The LESSON:  When I give and share of myself to others it helps my soul to heal!  ###