My book “I am kinda shy and quiet. Is something wrong with me?” is on Amazon.  Reviews from adults and kids has been positive!!! However, I am now  actively working on my book regarding grief! This writing has been emotional and draining at times.  And just finished a very active reading schedule of my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a sinky butt!” to K-2nd grade students in the Des Moines Schools!  WOW…I am tired just thinking about it!!

AND this week …my body screamed at me and said  “Slow Down and Breath.”  So this week I am playing bridge, tennis and having lunch with a friend…all activities that help keep me centered!

So much to do and so little time to do them!  This is what drives me!!!  When time is NOT your friend…and when there is MORE light at the beginning of the tunnel than at the end…it encourages me to do more…and more…and more!!

However, for this week….I will do less!! I promise!!    ####