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March 2016

Reading and each of our lives!

Cartoon Importance of Reading

What a true statement!

 My current student that I am working with at the Drake Literacy Center is 76 years old.  He is retired after 30 years with the same Des Moines company.  His reason for coming to the center is to be able to read his Bible better.  He is such an eager learner!  Today I shared with  him my book “I am kinda shy and quiet.  Is something wrong with me?”  and asked him to read it.  He did a great job of reading  and only needed help with a few words!!  I gave him a copy and told him to take it home and read it to his wife.  He happily accepted my book and my suggestion to read the book to his wife.  At our next meeting I am looking forward to  finding out how his book reading when at home!

MOST of us [myself included] have NO idea how we learned to read….however, we did and it certainly [no doubt] has made a big difference in each of our lives!!

Our lives have been easier!!


The “BEST” therapy for my soul!


One of the BEST therapies for me after a somewhat restless night is to read my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!” to some kids!  Today was one of those mornings. I struggled to shower and dress to go read my book at 9:00 am at a Des Moines Elementary School.  However, I got myself together and went to fulfill a commitment I had made to read.  The moment I arrived at the school my entire demeanor changed…..I was excited to be there and ready to read and share my book with a 2nd grade class.  For 30 minutes I was having so much fun and I was so enjoying the exchanges and interactions with a delightful group of smart, respectful and engaging kids.  That 30 minutes was the BEST therapy I could ever have!  The lesson is one that I continue to learn again and again…for which I am grateful!  The LESSON:  When I give and share of myself to others it helps my soul to heal!  ###

Tired….but can’t sleep!

Sleep is escaping me tonite!  The harder I try to sleep the more I think!  And the more I think the wider awake I become!  imageAnd I am NOW in “thinking overdrive!”  My solution:  I have decided to write hoping tiredness will turn into sleepiness!    Hopefully it works!!   ###

Retired? NO just tired!


My book “I am kinda shy and quiet. Is something wrong with me?” is on Amazon.  Reviews from adults and kids has been positive!!! However, I am now  actively working on my book regarding grief! This writing has been emotional and draining at times.  And just finished a very active reading schedule of my book “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a sinky butt!” to K-2nd grade students in the Des Moines Schools!  WOW…I am tired just thinking about it!!

AND this week …my body screamed at me and said  “Slow Down and Breath.”  So this week I am playing bridge, tennis and having lunch with a friend…all activities that help keep me centered!

So much to do and so little time to do them!  This is what drives me!!!  When time is NOT your friend…and when there is MORE light at the beginning of the tunnel than at the end…it encourages me to do more…and more…and more!!

However, for this week….I will do less!! I promise!!    ####

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