I am MOST fortunate to be  a member of a group of writers called the DW TEAM……headed by Matt Davenport.  The TEAM’s mission is to find out what works, share it with the TEAM and  support each other!!!    Matt encouraged me to write another book  and he provided  direction in helping me decide the book’s story line.

This whole “author thing”   is a surreal experience for me at times. First I write my first book in 2006 when I was volunteering in my grandson Levi’s 1st grade classroom.  And…..it ONLY  took almost 10 years to get it published.  And, here I am in 2016 and I am on the cusp of having a 2nd book published.

My 2nd book entitled “I am kinda shy and quiet.  Is something wrong with me?” is in the proof reading stage and will soon be published! I am very excited!!      ###