February 19, 2016

To date I have read my book, “I am NOT dumb and I am NOT a stinky butt!” to over 700 Kdg.-2nd graders in the Des Moines Elementary Schools.  The week I read it 12 times reminded me why I am in “retirement of sorts”.   However, it has been a FUN and EXCITING experience that  I have been allowed to share my book with  so many wonderful children….they have been GREAT listeners!!  I have learned a great deal from those 5-8 olds and they have touched my heart! How could you not love a child who says, “you’re nice” and then gives you a big hug!!

Thank goodness for   ALL the caring and hard working teachers and counselors who create a caring and productive learning environmentfor these children. For many children I believe that their   time spent at school  is the most accepting, kind, and safe time of their day.  Their  teachers  wear many hats…counselor, parent, listener, “giving hugs person” and support and caring person.  AND…in the  meantime they are attempting to teach these young students to read and write.  Among those over 700 students are a fair number of students who do NOT speak English [1 school had 70 ESL students], have serious emotional  issues and some are so needy for attention that their behavior is often not appropriate for the classroom.  It is said that those that need to be loved or cared for the MOST often exhibit the MOST inappropriate beaviors in order to get some attention.  

Among these  700 hundred students there are also MANY students who  are either very quiet or  shy.  They are often very soft spoken and because they are quiet do not always demand or receive the needed attention they need and deserve. Thy are “good kids who just happen to be a quiet person.”

In an earlier blog I spoke about the quiet and shy child and I asked the question “Do we need to change them?”  My answer  to that question will be in the form of my 2nd book entitled, “I am kinda quiet and shy.  Is there something wrong with me?”   This book will also feature Billy as the main character as he acknowledges that he is shy and quiet and  questions whether something is wrong with him.  I think YOU will enjoy his story!

Purchase date for the book will be SOON!!  Watch for it!  ###