In 2014  my life  changed  in ways I could never have imagined. On September 21 the tragic  death of my beloved grandson, Levi,  brought me to my knees and my life came to an utter standstill.  Thinking, walking, eating, and sleeping  became  painful and seemingly unbearable  struggles each day.  My soul was so heavy with grief that at times  even breathing was a challenge resulting in  numerous anxiety attacks.

What today seems ironic is that just a few weeks prior to that unimaginable day I had begun the task of getting my “unpublished book” published.  At the time I never  imagined  that Levi’s death and my “unpublished book”  would ever be connected.  However, the sale profits from my published book + donations provide the funding for the Levi Knock “pay it forward” Foundation created in Levi’s memory.

My heart still feels broken and a part of my soul will always grieve  the loss of that dearly loved and cherished young man.    However my life journey has taken on a new direction and meaning….one that is helping to heal my inner soul!   ####