Wednesday, January 27th, 2015

Writing is  something that I have enjoyed for many years.  Several years ago I wrote a  piece about my mother.  It was my “first published” claim to fame.  My hometown newspaper, the Parkersburg Eclipse,  graciously published it the week before Mother’s Day.   What  a surprise to my mom!  She was so proud of me and so honored  by my words!  As my first BLOG I would like to share it with you.

Thanks  MOM

My mother has never had her name appear in a banner newspaper story.  Nor
has she held any prestigious positions within her community.  With the 
exception of a brief teaching career prior to her marriage, she has spent 
the last sixty plus years as a homemaker, farm wife and parent of two 
children, a son and a daughter.
Her needs and wants in life have always been modest, and uncomplicated. She has lived the greater part of her life in simple farm houses.  In early 
years they lacked electricity, indoor plumbing and a telephone.  A hard 
worker, she prepared nutritious meals, keep those old houses miraculously 
clean and was content with life's simple pleasures.

A profound religious faith provided the strength and fortitude to accept andovercome life's injustices; they included such things as the untimely death of her only son at the age of nineteen and a tragic car accident which took the life of her mother the following year. Not a fatalist, she accepted the pain in life without being crushed or acquiring a bitter attitude.  
She confronts her difficulties with a spirit and the strength of an olympic hopeful.  Neither a complainer, nor envious of others, she always saw the 
promising side in every adverse situation.  

Mom has been skilled in making a lot of a little - sponge painting a worn 
kitchen linoleum because no money was available to purchase a new piece, or sewing a jacket from  recycled bed sheets given to her by her youngest granddaughter.

She remained high-spirited through numerous eye surgeries and optimistic in 
dealing with bone disease and high blood pressure complications.

Even today her skin seems incredibly soft and wrinkle free, though nurtured by inexpensive dime store creams.  One of my hopes is that I have inherited her genetic bank as I face the later years of my own life.

Regardless of the pains which I shared with her about my own disappointment,she encouraged me, gave me the strength to trust in God and believe that one-day things will work out for the best.

On each of my visits to her, I experience an overwhelming welcome and sense that I am still the perfect child in her world.  And on my visits her fresh 
smelling bed sheets remind me of a time in my own childhood when I too remember the world as safe and problem free.

I treasure the memories this wonderful woman provided as an admirable role 
model for me - for this I thank you, my MOTHER!

by Joyce Brocka Knock